Halloween Makeup: Dramatic Liquid Liner

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I have never been one for elaborate costumes. First of all, they are usually overpriced. Second, they don't tend to be super creative. There is nothing like being the third Dorothy to show up to the party. So for a recent showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I created a Tim Curry inspired look for my best friend and I.

I was inspired by a few ads I have seen recently for liquid liner. Dramatic wings in not-so-usual places created a very asymmetrical look. Done this heavy, it is probably only appropriate for Halloween, but a more toned-down version could be totally be done on any given Friday night jaunt. All you need is a felt-tip liquid liner. Felt tips make application more like drawing and less like painting with the smallest paint brush ever made (which does not cater to me in any way). I used Kat Von D Tattoo Liner which is by far the best liquid liner I have ever tried. It is matte black (cult favorite Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof is shiny black) and it has the most precise tip you can ever imagine. It will also literally NOT MOVE all night. I have never found a drugstore dupe, but I would be interested to hear if you know/have tried one similar. After the liner, all I added was some sharp contouring and a dark stained lip. Grunge, complete.
*I cannot be judged for this lipstick application. Rum + loud music + lots of laughing/restless subject = it is what it is.

*I also don't seem to know how to make the rock symbol...#pharmacynerdscantbethugs #trolllife

I hope this inspires someone to experiment with their makeup this year. What are your plans for Halloween?


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