Blushing over Marc Jacobs Beauty

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I was determined to wait out the hype over the new Marc Jacobs beauty line. As much as I love his clothing, bags, heck even his body (ahem..), I needed to see positive reviews on his products before diving in. This is mainly because, let us be honest, they are pricey. With a capital P. But, of course, my will power died after a month or two. I have heard rave reviews about the silky-ness, pigmentation, and seriously long wearing effect of these blushes and I just had to give one a try. I was immediately drawn to the color Tantalizing, which is a deep magenta color. I wanted a new fall blush and this one fits the bill so perfectly.

I know, I know...It looks super scary, but I actually find blushes with more red tones to be more natural when applied. Use a Real Techniques Blush Brush (Ulta, or use any tapered blush brush with duo fiber) and gradually apply color in circular motions. Also, don't use your most dense blush brush or you will get clown city real quick. It is key to always gradually apply your blush. Even if it takes you 3 or 4 times applying it, you will get such a natural and long-lasting result if you gradually build the color, as opposed to slapping a lot of color on your cheek then trying to blend it in later.

The pigmentation of this blush is not kidding. It is seriously going to tattoo your cheek until you remove it. If you have trouble getting your blush to show up after 3pm, you need to give these a try. I got the darkest color in the range; they have tons of colors suitable for all skin tones. 

If you are a big blush fanatic, you have GOT to give these a try. I am seriously holding myself back from buying a few more. Are you a Marc Jacobs Beauty fan?


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