Kate Middleton series: hair

Monday, February 3, 2014

Even more famous than Kate's makeup is her hair. Always freshly blown-out, bouncy, and shiny, Kate's hair is the definition of a healthy mane. I replicated this look with a standard blow out set with velcro rollers.

Gather the essentials: leave-in detangler, wet brush, volumizing spray (or mouse or whatever you use for volume), and a hair oil. Be sure to focus your volumizing product in the roots of your hair and use a little oil on the ends. The oil is essential for this look since Kate's hair is always shiny and never matte or dull. 

For the blow-out you need: a hair dryer with the attached nozzle, a round brush, velcro rollers, and alligator clips to hold the rollers in place. Start with hair that is at least half dry (picture below). 

After clipping up the top half, take a 2 inch section of hair and dry it pulling away from your face. After the piece is dry, roll the brush up and hold the brush in that position until the hair cools (just a minute or two). I also take this opportunity to spray each section with hairspray. Don't overdo the hairspray or your style will become more matte, which is not like Kate's! Continue round brushing your hair all the way around.

After you are done with the bottom section, take the top section down and do the same thing, except set this section in rollers secured with clips. Let this sit for about 20 minutes or so.

Looking like a fool! 
After you take the clips out, gently brush out your hair and add the smallest amount of hairspray just for flyaways. I also added some Loreal Dry Oil spray at the very end to make my hair shine like Kate's.

What do you think? Do you ever take the time to blow out your hair? It is more simple than it looks and the results last several days. The last installment: Kate's outfit will be up Wednesday. Thanks for reading!


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