Makeup Trend: The Vampy Lip with Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I love makeup trends. Just like fashion, makeup is always pushing the limits with what is considered in style. Not that you can't wear any look at any time, but being modern and on-trend is always fun. I draw inspiration from magazines, runway makeup, celebrities, etc. The vampy lip is something that just screams edgy, which I am totally into right now. I love any look that has some toughness to it. The key to achieving this look is to go light on the eyes, but add tons of mascara. This will bring balance to the face, which you need when the lip is this strong. 

Have I mentioned that I love Lily Collins....haha. Like every post.. whoops. I can't help it. The girl is on point with trends lately. Revlon Black Cherry is a very dark red-plum color. First, I filled in my lips with a plum colored liner (the colors do not have to match perfectly). This will keep your lip color lasting all day. There are a bunch of amazing lip liners at the drugstore. I would not splurge on one. I love Rimmel's lip liners. I then added a tiny bit of black liquid liner on the top lash line and tons. read tons. of mascara. If you are going to wear blush, make sure it is a very natural color. Or just sweep your bronzer along your cheeks to add a tiny bit of color without competing with the lips.

I love Revlon's vintage packaging!

Are you into any makeup trends lately?


  1. I LOVE this!!!! I wore black cherry today! But I need you to teach me how to make my black eyeliner look that good. Because that looks amazing. Love you!!


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