Trend Alert: The Lower Lash Line Smudge

Friday, December 6, 2013

The day I realized that there is more to eyeliner and shadow than putting black kohl in my waterline is the day I awoke to eye makeup possibilities. Personally, I never line my lower waterline because I find it makes my eyes look smaller. Sometimes, on a night out I will, but that is a rare occasion. While I believe that look is pretty, I think it is much nicer to enhance your lower lash line instead. The best way I have found to do this is a lower lash line smudge. This is the best way to make your eyes look bigger (read: huge). The best part about this look is that you can do it with any eye makeup you currently have. If you have a kohl or waterproof eyeliner, just run a tiny bit of color right underneath the lashes and then smudge away (I love bronze eyeliners for this, such as Mac Teddy or Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Liner in Bronze). You can either use your pinky finger or a smudge brush (Mac's pencil brush is great) to blend out the color . Do not be afraid to bring the color down pretty far as Lily Pebbles did in the above picture. Eye shadow makes this even easier. All you do is sweep and blend the color under the eye. My favorite colors to do this with are: Mac Charcoal Brown, Mac Texture, Urban Decay Darkhorse (Naked 1 palette), or really any medium or medium-dark color.

A tip to make this last even longer is to layer a powder shadow over a cream product. So you can take either a cream shadow (Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze or Mac Constructivist paint pot) or an eyeliner and smudge it out with a similar colored eye shadow. This will set the cream product and make it last a very long time. This is a good makeup principle that applies to every aspect of application. And when you spend as long on your makeup as I do, you want it to last all day!

I emulated this look with Mac Constructivist paint pot with Mac Texture eye shadow over it. I also used Mac Charcoal Brown on the lower lash line (any medium tone brown works). Mac Texture is my 2nd favorite Mac eye shadow of all time (1st being Cranberry). If you have blue eyes, it will make them very bright. Any warm eye shadow will do this, so if you are blue-eyed like me, play with golds/bronzes/warm tones and see how you like it!

What is your favorite makeup trend?


  1. Pretty! Love smudging color on the lower lash line. Such a simple trick with big impact.

  2. I love this trend. I have been wanting to learn how to make a wing by sculpting shadow with a brush. Would love to see this done on your blog xx

  3. I will practice and report back! ;) I already have an idea!


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