New Year's Eve Makeup: Shimmer and Graphic Eyes

Monday, December 30, 2013

 New Year's is an opportunity to go all-out with makeup. I wanted to create a look that was for once, not daytime appropriate. I used my NYX blue liquid liner to create a graphic cat eye (which is like $4 and they make glitter ones still my heart). The key to this is to lay the blue down first, take your time, and create a thicker wing. After that is dry, then go very close to your lash line with black liquid liner (I used the new Loreal slim liner) and wing it out over the bottom edge of the blue. If you mess up, use a pointed Q-tip. This is a new discovery of mine and makes cat eyes so much easier. You could also use a concealer brush or anything with a small flat edge. Dip it in makeup remover and problem solved! I tight-lined my upper waterline with a black kohl pencil (the best is Loreal Voluminous Kohl). To finish off the look, I packed on Stila Kitten eyeshadow (any really shimmery champagne or white color works) on the inner corner. For lips, I used a nude gloss then took some more eyeshadow and placed it on the center of my lips with my finger. After I blended this out, it created a beautiful lit-up ombre look. You can do this with any lighter color on top of a darker lipstick. It will make your lips look bigger! An alternative to this is taking a darker lip liner and lining the outside of your lips after applying lipstick. A very natural blush completed the look. I used Tarte Exposed blush. Don't forget to use mascara on your lower lash line to balance out the eyes!

For hair, I switched my part to the other side of my head and used dry shampoo in my roots to create volume. I let that sit for a few minutes and then rubbed my hands in my roots to distribute the product. I then used a 1 1/4 inch barrel curling iron to make very loose waves. To finish, I flipped my head over and sprayed all over with hairspray. Instant glamour hair! 

What is your New Year's look going to be? 


  1. Great post! I LOVE NYX and all of their eyeliners... and so with you on the glitter ones! I am going to try the Loreal eyeliner for tightlining because I haven't found a pencil I like for tightlining yet! And dry shampoo= MY SAVIOR!

    1. Oh gosh yes, I just picked up the silver glitter one too! The only problem with the Loreal one for tightlining is that it is a kohl, so it won't last very long and is prone to smudging. I am going to try my Rimmel waterproof liner and report back!


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