DIY Beauty Lesson: How to tint your brows at home

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reasons you should tint your eyebrows at home:

1) It will change your whole face. Defined brows make the rest of your makeup look so much better and your features stand out.
2) The end result is very natural and can be customized to your hair color
3) It is simple and takes me around 10 minutes
4) It is very cheap. I get 40 uses out of the kit I purchased. So if I did them every 3 weeks, the kit would last me 2 years. Kit cost: $19.98 + tax/shipping = around $27.00. Divided by number of uses, the average cost is $0.67 per use (versus $20 at the salon).

Brow tinting always seemed so scary. Permanent color on your face? *cue me being over dramatic* But then every time I went to the salon to have them done, I wasn't satisfied. My brows would be messy and too dark and I would nearly throw up from nerves every time. Also, the color only lasted a few weeks at most. Paying $20 at the salon every 2 weeks was NOT going to happen. This is when I started to do a bit of research. *Disclaimer: I am not a hairdresser or colorist. I am not responsible if you don't like the results, dye your bathroom counter brown, put dye into your eye, or other catastrophes! I personally think anyone can do this, but do be careful and take your time.

I purchased this kit off of Amazon because of all the positive reviews. I picked up all other supplies at Sally's Beauty Supply. The kit comes in several colors. I purchased "dark brown". The kit comes with 20 "pre-measured" color capsules, a cream developer, and an applicator brush (I use a Q-tip instead). Here is the claim:
"Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Kit gives 6 weeks of rich, vibrant eyebrow color! Pre-mixed, pre-measured color capsules deliver perfect results every time. Covers the most resistant gray brow hair. Blended with pure white henna. No drip consistency. Low volume (3%) delveloper is safe to use around the delicate eye area. Complete kit. ready to use."

You will need: a towel that you don't mind getting stained (I got a pack of 10 at Home Goods for $5 for makeup/cleaning purposes), disposable gloves, Vaseline, a shot glass (or any small glass), a cotton pad, and a few Q-tips. 

Put on a t shirt you don't love and pin up your bangs. I have never gotten dye anywhere I didn't want it, but I have also practiced this a ton! So if you are new to this, as a precaution, put on an old shirt. Remove makeup from your brows if you have any on. Trace around your brow with Vaseline on a Q-tip. This doesn't have to be exact, just be sure you are not getting any on the hair itself. This step prevents any dye from staining your skin and creating a mess.

Put on your gloves. I always work over the towel. This stuff will stain anything it touches, including your counter (don't ask me how I know this..haha). Break open a capsule over your glass. I only use around half of each capsule each application. Have a little plastic bag to put the other half in so you can reuse that next time.

Add about the same amount of developer and stir with a Q-tip. This is not an exact science. It is the consistency that is important. You can see it is pretty dark. After you mix it, go grab your phone and set a timer. The box says to go for 3 minutes for a dark result or less for lighter results. Over the course of 3-4 months, I have gradually increased my time. The results weren't lasting long enough and weren't dramatic enough for my liking. I now go for 8 minutes. If you take yours off at 2-3 minutes and it isn't dark enough, just apply more and wait a few more minutes. To apply the product, start at the tail of the brow and push the Q-tip up underneath hairs. Really coat each hair. You will feel like you are applying too much or that you have enough color, but trust me, you don't. Add more than you think you need to really coat each hair. After pushing from the bottom, tail to center, then go back over and add more dye to smooth hairs down in the other direction. Now start the timer!!

In the meantime, be impressed with how silly you look. Or pretend you are the head gangster in the NYC mafia. Or just clean's up to you. I know it looks SUPER scary! It will NOT look like this in the end. Get your cotton pad wet with water or makeup remover and have it handy.

For a fuss-free clean up, I grab everything the dye touched with one hand. I then roll the glove off, trapping the dye-coated materials inside. This way, I can throw the whole bundle away in the trash. After the timer goes off, take your cotton pad and remove the dye. There is no need to wash your face or scrub, once you rub the dye it will stop the coloring process.

You can see the results are very natural, while still being noticeable. It may not look like much, but I actually like mine very dramatic. If you do not, go with a lighter kit or leave the dye on for less time. The color stained the skin underneath the brow, so my brows will end up looking filled in for a few days. Which is awesome, because I can skip the brow powder for a while. This doesn't last as long as the box says, though, on me it lasts around 3 weeks.

Sorry this post was so wordy! Don't be scared by all the instructions. The whole process takes me not even 10 minutes from start to finish and after doing it a few times I am a pro. It is a cheap and easy way to make your brows look professionally done. I get a much better and cleaner result than when I go to the salon.

Let me know if you try this!


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