Goody's Dent-less Waves Large Foam Rollers

Monday, January 6, 2014

This is a blast from the past. Foam rollers...for our way. This "technology" may be ancient, but it works. In order to preserve the health of my hair, I have been looking into natural ways to style it (aka with as little heat as possible). When I saw these Goody's Dent-less Waves Rollers on Pinterest, I was interested. I got mine at Target in a set of 9 rollers for around $10. I brushed out damp hair (about 50% dry) with my wet brush and then used each roller on large 2-inch sections of hair. I let this dry while I did my makeup and before taking them out I did blast them with my hairdryer for just 1 minute. After that cooled, I took each one out and broke up the waves with my hands. I used a tiny bit of smoothing cream (hair oil works here too) to smooth flyaways and added some light hairspray. The result was full, voluminous hair with a natural/slight wave. I am a total convert! These are amazing! The only downside: my hair is so fine that even though these are "dent-less" I did have a few dents. I smoothed these out with my flat iron and they were gone in less than a minute. This is something I experience with hot rollers too, so this is not new to me and does not make me dislike the rollers at all! 

Foam roller with a velcro strap to hold the hair
I have some natural curl in my hair, so I have always wanted to be able to bring that out without having crunchy, limp locks. My hair is so naturally fine that without some type of heat it normally is very flat. I think I have finally found the answer to my hair woes!  

Have you ever tried foam rollers?


  1. So pretty!! Do you think these would work on shoulder length-ish hair?


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