Drugstore Haulin'

Friday, July 19, 2013

One of my favorite ways to kill time is to grab a Starbucks cinnamon dolce latte and browse the drugstore. Last week I came home with these gems:

1. Covergirl Outlast Foundation 
I normally don't do foundations from the drugstore. Color is hard to match and I can't try on the shades before I purchase. This one, however, is an exception. I first heard Sandra (http://www.15stepsblog.com/) talk about it. The concept is that it is a primer, concealer, and foundation all in one. The coverage is medium, but buildable. I found the finish to be matte with a slight glow. The best thing is that this product makes my skin feel oh-so-soft. Like seriously soft. Also, I didn't set it with a powder and stayed fairly matte all day. This one is a winner!

2. Rimmel Show Off Lip Laquer in Apocalypse 

This is the best dupe of the Hourglass Opaque Rouge liquid lipsticks that I have found. If you are going out for the night, or just fancy a super bold lip, try these babies out. I'm telling you they are the most pigmented products you could ever imagine. I absolutely love the effect they give. Also, *cough these are around $8 whereas the Hourglass is gonna set you back around $30.

3. Loreal Voluminous mascara in dark brown 
This formulation is my favorite for natural looking lashes. Dark brown is a fun alternative to black to make you look like you naturally have full and dark lashes. It compliments a smokey brown eye shadow look extremely well. Today I wore this with some dark purple liner smoked out on the upper lashline and the effect was beautiful.

4. Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Candid Coral 

This product was not a favorite at first. Then I quickly learned I was just applying it wrong. The texture is almost fluffy (hard to describe!) and is way too sheer to see on your cheeks without a dense synthetic brush (I use my Real Techniques Expert Face brush). Just swirl a dense brush into the product until you get enough and blend onto the cheeks. I definitely noticed it got a lot easier to apply after the first few tries. Once you get it right, it's SO pretty and perfect for summertime.

5. Revlon Nail Expressions in Silhouette 

I was so impressed when I first tried this product. One end is a normal brush with a neutral (or bold) color and the other end is a small detail brush with a glitter polish. The color I got is totally fool-proof and doesn't show too much when the polish chips.

What are your favorite drugstore finds?


  1. I love the polish!


  2. Thanks! It's a muted way to wear glitter, which I am all for!

  3. This is my favorite thing to do too! I can spend hours in the drugstore... it is therapeutic! If I get stressed with school, I always hope in the car and browse the drugstore for a while.


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