A Dirty Little Secret. How to Prolong a Blowout or Curl.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I do not have easy-to-curl hair, so if I am going to take the time to style it, it needs to last. A long time ago, I was a victim of washing my hair every.single.day. This is not only hard on your hair, but it limits your styling options (ain't nobody got time for that). Once I broke the cycle of every day lathering, my hair started becoming much less oily and more manageable. Over-washing drys your hair, causing it to become rebound oily. Now I am not encouraging a week long hiatus or anything, but 2-3 days can be done! 

Every night before bed, I use a hair tie that won't leave dents in my hair to make a super high, loose bun. Emi-jay makes them, but I got mine from Sephora. In the morning, I use Ojon cleansing powder directly onto my roots. Then I use my hands to rub it into my scalp. Afterwards, my hair is all kinds of crazy, so I spray on a little Loreal Dry Oil to bring back the shine and freshly-styled look. And that's it! A way to keep your hair fresh for one more day! *Warning: an awkward bathroom selfie follows

Do you have any tips to prolong your blowout? I would love to know!! 

Have a great Saturday. 


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