Alexander Wang Dupe Alert: Gap Tank

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I used to think fashion was about owning labels. I would try to save up my money and only purchase things that were brand name. It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually began to become interested in the artistry of fashion. Fashion is not about money. Fashion is about how clothing looks while you are wearing it; how it moves, how it accentuates your figure and what your clothing says about who you are. I try to learn about different fabrics: how they drape and how they hold up over time. I am always learning different designers hallmarks. I want to be able to recognize traits I like about designer clothing, so that I can dupe these in real life. I will never own all designer clothing, nor would I want to. Recognizing the types of cuts and fabrics that you like will help you stretch your dollar to get the best quality of clothing you can afford. I do not think the more expensive equals quality. I think quality equals quality. Quality is found in thick seams, well structured shapes, fabrics that hold up over time, etc. So since I just rambled forever, here is a recent dupe I have found of my favorite Alexander Wang T. He is known for his draping. His clothing is thinner and draped to flatter your shape. I was in Gap recently and spotted the Exact. Same. Shirt. Same draping, same material and like $20, so yeah....

On the left is Alexander Wang, right is Gap version

I usually wear mine half-tucked. This type of shirt is just so versatile. It comes down longer in the back, so it is perfect with leggings, a high waisted skirt, pencil skirt, under a blazer, etc. etc. Very simple and neutral, but a great building block for layering other pieces on top! You can find this top here (and you could probably buy 5 for the same price as AWang, just sayin...)

Have you scored any fashion deals lately?


  1. I cannot believe you found an exact AWang dupe! I hope these are still available so I can stock up. These are the most perfect basic tee!! Great find <3

  2. They are still available. Jump on it girl!


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