Everyday Pin Curls: A Hair Tutorial

Monday, January 20, 2014

I try not to wash my hair too often, since I like to minimize heat styling. This serves to preserve my color as well as my overall laziness. If I have a little extra time when I do wash my hair, I try to set it in pin curls. This makes the style last so long. It will fall a little, but not so much that it loses the style.

Gather the arsenal: little duckbill clips (your neighborhood pharmacy), hairspray, and a curling wand. You can also use a regular curling iron. I don't always use my wand with this technique, but it is a little easier to slide the curl off the barrel.

Quack, quack

After you wrap each section, slide the curl off onto your hand. Pinch the curl against your head and slip a pin in underneath. On the bottom layers, I am not particular about how they are pinned. On larger sections, I use 2 pins on either side to hold the hair in the clip. On the top layer, however, I do pay more attention and be sure they are clipped closer to my head. You will look crazy, but the end result is worth it. To be quicker, I usually do this in very large sections.

Once you are all clipped up, let them cool. I usually use this time to do my makeup, get dressed, or if it is a weekday, chug coffee.

Before separating the curls, they are very ringlet-y, but still pretty. Pinning your curls not only allows them to stay for much longer, but it also makes your hair so bouncy. I usually just run my hands through the curls and Viola! curls that last. I think they look even better the second day...and third....and...gross. haha just kidding...but really.

Do you ever pin curl your hair?


  1. Your hair looks AMAZING! I can't wait for mine to be this long again!


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