Splurge vs. Save: Top 5 Dupes Collab with The Element of Beauty

Friday, January 3, 2014

For my second collab with Aly at The Element of Beauty, the topic is dupes. The goal is to find the top 5 dupes among my collection. I am then showcasing exactly how similar these products are by wearing drugstore on one half of my face and high end on the other. These are products that you can splurge on if you wanted to, but it is not necessary, as far as color and effect are concerned, these products are the same! See if you can guess which half is which!

1. Loreal Magic Lumi highlighting pen vs. YSL Touche Eclat 

I am all about multitasking. These highlighting pens not only conceal, but they also brighten and highlight at the same time. Adding a swipe of these products under the eyes will give skin a brighter, more dewy finish that wakes you up instantly. I put an X of each product underneath my eyes as shown below and blended out by tapping lightly with my ring finger. After spending so much on the touche eclat, I hate to say this, but these products are nearly identical. The Loreal might be a touch more matte, but that is literally the only difference I could find. I have the shade 02 in YSL and the lightest color in Loreal.

YSL touche eclat on top and Loreal Magic Lumi on bottom 
2. NYC eyebrow pencil vs. Mac Spiked eyebrow pencil 

Mac on top and NYC on bottom
Both of these products are dark brown with a tiny bit of warmth. The Mac pencil has a finer tip so drawing hair strokes is easier if you have gaps that need filling in and is a little smoother in application. The NYC pencil needs to be sharpened every time you use it to make sure the nib is fine, but blends very easily with a spoolie brush. So overall, both products need a tiny bit of work to make the end result smooth. The Mac is easier to apply, but the NYC is easier to blend. Are these similar enough to skip the Mac pencil? If you are drawing/filling in gaps: no. You will need the finer nib on the Mac pencil. If you are just adding color/dimension and overall definition (like me): yes. I picked up the NYC pencil for around $2 at Target.

3. Wet & Wild Pearlescent Pink blush vs. Nars Orgasm blush 

Wet & Wild on left and Nars on right 
I honestly have nothing to say. These are identical and look so similar I kept forgetting which side was which. They are both very pigmented, so you must apply lightly and build the color up or you will end up looking very much like a clown. Gently tap your duo-fiber blush brush (do you have this one yet?) into the product, tap off the excess, then apply in circular motions blending outwards.

4. Loreal Slim liner vs. Kat Von D Tattoo liner 

Loreal on left and Kat Von D on right

Loreal on right and Kat Von D on left 
If you have read my blog, you know I love the Kat Von D liner. It is jet black, easy to apply (hooray for felt tips!), and stays all day. The new Loreal Slim liner was just as easy to apply, just as black, and seems the exact same. Time will tell if it's just as long-lasting though. If you are new to cat eyes, you need to try this one! 

6. Loreal Voluminous in black vs. Dior Show mascara 

Loreal Voluminous and Dior Show are easily my two favorite mascaras. I am all about the volume. Both are volumizing, but the Loreal is slightly more lengthening. Overall, my eyes looked wider and brighter with the Loreal than the Dior. Sorry Dior, you lose! Loreal Voluminous is just as beautiful in the dark brown color for a daytime, softer look and is especially stunning with brown eyeshadows.


Can you tell which side is high end and which side is dupes?


Hard huh?


Left picture is high end and right picture is dupes!
Did you guess correctly?

Overall, I think these are the best 5 dupes in my collection. Other than the mascara (Loreal Voluminous is holy grail), I can't tell a difference at all!

Have you found any good dupes?


  1. I love Nars' orgasm. I am definitely going to try the wet n wild when mine runs out!


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