Contouring 101 with NYX

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I will admit contouring is intimidating. It's easy to think it will be obvious, scary-looking, etc etc. In the past, I have just used my bronzer on a smaller brush in the hollows of my cheeks. This works fine, but I wanted to try something more intense. I heard this NYX shadow in taupe was a very natural contour, so I gave it a whirl and I am very impressed! The color is ashy, with no warmth, which makes the contour look very natural (see below; I have no, read no, cheekbones so this is impressive for me..haha).

I just placed the color on by tapping a line on my face (the Nars Ita brush is to die for, but any brush with a dense edge works) then blending it out thoroughly. To make this look even more natural: do the contour with an ashy color first, then top it off with bronzer with a big fluffy brush. This will blend the contour and by being underneath the bronzer, it will be more natural.

I picked this shadow up on sale at Ulta for around $4

Do you contour? I would suggest trying it if you haven't. It really slims the face and brings out your bone structure.
Love you all!


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