Metal Eyes Trend: A Stila Dupe

Monday, April 14, 2014

I wrote a post recently about current makeup trends. When I pick up magazines, I am really not looking at the fashion/articles as much as the ads. Makeup brands tend to highlight runway trends in their ads to mimic what's up and coming. I get so excited to recreate ads that speak to me. Gilded eyes (basically metallic/metal looking eyes) was huge this season. Stila came out with some eye metals (Magnificent Metals collection) which is basically thick pressed pigments that you place on the eyelid. The Beauty Department put up a post of them here. Those look amazing, but are $32, which to me is a lot to pay for a trend.

So, here comes a drugstore dupe! I think the final result is just as bold. Pictures absolutely do not do it justice. In person, it was so beautiful! I used the NYX liquid eyeshadow in gold, Loreal Infallible pressed pigment in Eternal Sunshine, and the Loreal Slim liner I am always raving about. First place the liquid shadow down and before that dries, press the pigment on top with your finger. I also brought some of the pigment underneath the eye (but you could skip this if it's a daytime look). Lastly, I added a slight cat-eye to make the whole look very Cleopatra. The final result made my whole face so bright and I will definitely be doing this look a lot this season.

My brows are a bit full-on in this post. I tinted them this day (post here: and I love how I don't have to fill them in for a full week after tinting. They get lighter as the days go on.

What spring trends have you tried?


  1. this looks so pretty, will absolutely be trying it! Have you stumbled across and dupes for the Dusty Rose foil? It is so pretty, but I am not about to spend $32 on it!


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