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Friday, May 9, 2014

I read an article in the new Lucky magazine (author Lauren Sherman) that really resonated with me. Lauren was talking about what fashion has meant to her in her life and her perspective was so refreshing. Fashion is not about labels or even utility for that matter. Lauren says she discovered that clothes are "more than pretty. They can communicate exactly who you are at one specific moment in your life". That is the whole point. Dressing to show others who you are on the inside. You can say fashion doesn't matter to you, but everyone wants to feel authentic and understood. What you wear is a great way to express that.

Style is powerful. It's not your appearance that matters; the outside is often skimmed over and has little meaning in itself. It's what it does to your soul that counts. What you wear should make you feel giddy and young, carefree, and excited. You should feel true to yourself and beautiful. What you choose to wear should emulate who you want to become.

I hope to continue to wear what moves me every day. Clothing that speaks to who Christina is at this moment and the person she hopes to become. Lauren Sherman bonded with a pair of mustard Converse saying "These shoes explain the person I want to become". It is about representing who you are, but at the same time having fun with it. I want to wear Forever 21 high-waisted trousers with loafers. I want to wear a Vince blazer with a $9 Target dress. I want to wear pieces that are vintage (looking at you Victorian lace dress) and modern. I want to wear all black, or all color. The point is having fun. If it represents me, I will wear it.

I have been recreating 80's hairstyles lately and loving the edgy result. 

In conclusion, style is lighthearted, playful, significant, and full of opportunity.

Wear what makes you smile,


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